The Hermit And The Fairy Part 1

Once upon a timyme in a dense jungle there lived a hermit. He was what many could never be, a happy man. He was all alone but loneliness was not a problem, for he was accustomed to it. Moreover he had all the trees and birds and beasts of the jungle to talk to. He worked hard, reciting mantras and cleaning his hut. He had a little garden with blue lilies. Whenever he could find some time for himself he used to watch them and feel the eternal joy which only nature can bestow. One day while he was sitting idle and watching his dear lilies he saw in sky a fairy. A fairy who was seeking heaven. She was a restless soul, cute like a little child and in that vast jungle she was all alone. Fairy saw those lilies and came to the hermit. Telling him all she knew about the heaven. She told him about the giant cities with many people and wonders. Hermit felt a strange respect for this other worldly creature who knew so much more than him. He was also amazed to know about the heaven and became interested in finding it. They both started their journey. The journey was tough, and they had meagre resources. But with passion fueled by their newly formed friendship they marched on. Somehow the journey didn’t seem painful for them when they were with each other. Fairy used to talk and talk. And the hermit used to love her voice. He used to think about her and smile within himself. Slowly, and even before they could be aware of it, they started to care a lot for each other. Hermit’s emotions were tuned with that of fairy. He wanted her to smile always. And whenever fairy used cried, hermit couldn stop his own tears. This went on and on. Friendship turned in to mutual care which itself turned in to intimacy. Hermit grew possessive about her and she became from a friend to more than a friend. But it was not so with fairy. She was possessed with the idea of heaven. She did not want a relation. But even she was alone. And Nature of a woman is submission. Hence even she could not help getting attracted towards this merry going happy hermit. The flower of love is beautiful but its fruit is not always sweet. With advent of love the happiness was gone. Hermit thought that fairy loved him. His belief got further strengthened by the fact that fairy couldn’t even bear the thought of his leaving her. However, fairy was merely attracted. She could not accept him because of her heart, she couldn’t leave him for her loneliness. Eyes filled with love see what they want to. Hermit saw love where there was mere longing to be loved. He loved and he expected love in return. The fairy had fear of her gods and moreover she was not yet sure of her emotions. Whenever illusion of hermit clashed with reality he felt a deep pain. Though hermit , he was unaware of the rules of love. This pain was too much for him to bear. He tried to leave, to shy away, but in vain….(to be continued)


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