Getting Rich isn’t enough!!!

Who does not dream of earning money? Pay someone to make him act. Every one want’s to get rich after all. Its a cliche to say that money can buy you goods but not happiness. It appears though, that this old saying may have a grain of truth in it.

To be motivated means to have an overwhelming desire to do something. A desire which causes you to spend more time and energy on the ‘goal’ than you would usually be inclined to do. Everyone of us feels lack of motivation at times. We may rationally know that we need to do something, but still we may not be in a position to make ourselves  act. There is a whole body of literature out there which teaches the ways to get motivated. There are paid professionals who search the reasons of lack of motivation and devise plans to get their clients motivated.

In following paragraphs I will set out to explain a theory of Motivation and how can it be used to motivate ones own self. You will discover as to why money is not always good enough a motivation. It the task is tedious and requires concerted efforts, telling yourself that you will get richer at the end of it will simply not work.

In my opinion, People feel lack of motivation to do something when, firstly, they fail to understand the value or importance of something, secondly, when they don’t think that they will be able to achieve it, and lastly, when they have other more important immediate priorities.

To proceed scientifically, I will define a few terms. Importance of an act or a goal may be called its ‘value’. Value is something personal. Value depends and varies from individual to individual. One may have immense value for an achievement but for some other person that achievement may mean absolutely  nothing. Value is subjective. I may love my mom so much that buying her a gift may have immense personal value for me. My friend might not even have a mom.

It often happens that failure to be motivated is the failure to understand value of something. We may ‘rationally’ and ‘logically’ understand as to why something is important. Even then we may completely miss its value. As discussed ‘value’ is something subjective. Failure to understand value does not simply mean lack of rational understanding of the significance of an achievement for oneself. Judging value of an act involves finding the personal importance of an act. It involves understanding the personal meaning of the act.

Now meaning is a piquant word. Meaning can only be understood in terms of what one already knows. Think about it. What does the word ‘mansion’ mean? Let us say its a big house. To know the meaning of word mansion we must be familiar to the meaning of word ‘big’ and word ‘house’. Therefore personal importance i.e. value of an act can only be understood in terms of the other things that one holds dear to one’s heart.

Putting it is easy and less abstract terms. True importance of an act can only be understood in terms of our deepest desires. Only when the rational conclusion as to why one should do something coincides with one’s deep and apparently irrational desires to do that thing do we find the real motivation. Remember real motivation is found at the horizon where rationality meets irrationality. Where rational importance mingles with deepest of desires and longings.

Next time, if you want to motivate yourself to do something, firstly ask yourself, “What is my deepest desire?” Do I want sex? Do I want money? Do I want acceptance? Do I want self actualisation? Think of your goal in terms of this deep desire.  Only then will you realise the importance of that particular thing. To be really efficient your deepest desires must confirm to the apparently boring task at hand. Use imagination and discover how will this apparently boring task will help you to do what you really want to do. Dream that day. When by this mundane job, you will have gained what you really ultimately and finally long for.

Now, human desires usually have one particularity. If you already have a thing it will no longer motivate you. If a man has enough of something then he will not feel the need to get that thing.  I have often found that for a well placed, well earning man, either social fame or self actualisation is lacking in his motivation arsenal. Most often than not we try to understand importance of a goal in terms of what we already possess. This is ineffective. We wont get motivated that way. Ponder over what you lack. Do you lack money, security, health, relationship,social acceptance, recognition, achievement, family, closeness, warmth or a true understanding of your being. Think what you actually want. You may not want every one of these things. It may appear that you may want or desire what you already have. But! wait a minute. You will have either lesser quantity or quality of that thing. Now visualise yourself as already having that thing . Will it make you happier or more content. Then understand the importance of your goal in terms of what you want, what you don’t have and what makes you happier. This is it.

Having once understood its significance it is important that you don’t procrastinate. More you procrastinate lesser motivated you will be. Every failure will reinforce your belief in the impossibility of not achieving that thing. Motivation makes you act and consistent action increases your motivation.

So best wishes man!!!



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