Fountain Pen Review: Part II: Oliver F27,an adieu to flamboyance par excellence







For me Fountain Pen is a stamp of one’s personality. It speaks of one’s moods, character, choices, style and his inner self. Like eyes, it is a sort of window to one’s intellectual soul. That is why I love using them. It sets me apart in an age of mass production. It is my attempt to keep my individuality intact.

So,when I hear that a pen, especially a good one, will no longer be produced, I feel a personal loss. I feel as if a part of my past will no longer be available for me to access and touch. A minority complex pervades my world and I feel all more alone in a world which no longer understands me.

I am holding this Oliver F 27 and feeling this nostalgia and a kind of gloom. I liked this pen. But they say that the company has stopped producing them. The only place one can get them is on ASApens and they will never get restocked. They are the last of their kind. On the site, this pen is the most reviewed pen. One reviewer Anup ji went to the extent of claiming this pen to be the ‘perfect pen’. Their claim is not without a reason.

It was one of the premium pen produced by the Oliver company. It is made of best acrylic available and contains a Schmidt Medium nib. Nowadays, it is impossible to get a pen holding this nib made of such quality in Rs. 750/- I paid. The nib alone costs 400-450/- Rs(8 $ approx.)



The pen is beauty to behold. It is made of such glittering, flamboyant( but not gaudy) colors that one can fall in love with it.The marbled acrylics reflect and refract light like a crystal. It instantaneously catches the attention of those around. It is not a normal looking formal feeling fountain pen. It exuberates joy and life. The fluorescent green I ordered looks even more pretty and classy than in pictures. The clip, the nib and the rings are all made of steel and they add to looks of this pen. Needless to say that a lot of thought and hard work has gone in its design which makes its demise all the more unfortunate.

wpid-20141117_155950.jpgThe pen is balanced. I found it more pleasurable to write  with the cap unposted. It uses standard international cartridge and converter.


The only thing I didn’t like was the nib. In fact it is a superb nib. It is extremely smooth and never skips or gives any trouble. Problem is that I am not a big fan of Medium nibs. They write on the broader side of medium and the line is too wet. On normal JK paper we use, there are chances that the impression of the words may show on back.

So I talked to Mr. Subramanium of ASApens . He advised me to use a thicker ink and that solved the problem!!! I used Lamy since I did not have Pelikan ink. Now, as the writing sample would show the line variation is visible and the wetness of the line has lessened. wpid-20141117_160935.jpg wpid-20141117_160025.jpg

The service of the sellers was excellent. Complete support before and after purchase. I received this pen within 4 days of order. This is quite fast when we understand that the pen was shipped from Chennai all the way to Faridabad.

Overall, a pen that they should continue to produce. Its lively, impressive and colourful. A balanced and smooth writer.A high quality writing instrument. A prized possession. Flamboyance par excellence.


2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Review: Part II: Oliver F27,an adieu to flamboyance par excellence

  1. Oliver F27 is a beautiful pen, I too only found them at ASA after Oliver stopped making them, i have managed to get 3 of them and regularly hunt for more (hence me finding this post). My first F27 was the same finish as that you reviewed here.

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