Click Pure Crystal Fountain Pen: Beauty with Substance

2015-01-26 15.15.11

           I feel a certain pleasure and pride in introducing and reviewing Click Pure Crystal. For quite some time I have been searching for affordable “made in India” fountain pens, I could recommend to anyone. I guess I have found one more such pen. I have been using this pen for three days and without a glitch

2015-01-26 15.13.32

As you can notice, the pen is fully transparent. The gold-colored clip and cap ring give the pen a classy appeal. Perhaps its me, but the design of the clip is coolest thing about this pen. The clip reminds me of Egypt, Pharaohs and Pyramids. The golden aura of the pen matches with the dual tone nib. Inner rings of the piston look like whirlpools and threads give me a feel of sporadic clouds in an otherwise clear sky. It is a pen I wouldn’t be ashamed of carrying. The pen weighs around 14 grams. Which is fairly light. The body is made of transparent resin. The great thing is that there wasn’t any of that obnoxious odor of resin, unless the pen was smelled from very close quarters.


2015-01-26 15.18.08 2015-01-26 15.18.16

I feel that the pen can be fully disassembled, though I couldn’t dare to try it. I don’t want a blot on this beauty. Close inspection of section also reveals that the pen boasts of a threaded nib unit. Nib is a dual tone one marked with sagacious words,’Iridium Point Germany’. Section ends with a gold ring and immediately the nib starts. The finish of the pen is really good for its price. What startled me is the fact that apparently a good amount of brainstorming has gone in designing this pen. Take for example the fact that the pen comes out in merely two turns. Or the fact that the cap posts very securely. Or the good news that they have made the section substantially thicker than Pilot 78G or the Chelpark Sona or Click Majestic Crystal. Thicker section ensures a comfortable grip and the fact that the pen allows secure posting further permits the pen to be used by hands of every size.

2015-01-26 15.14.18

2015-01-26 15.20.38 2015-01-26 15.21.54 2015-01-26 15.41.05 2015-01-26 15.22.25

The pen writes an Indian fine. It lays down a smooth and wet line. There is a little drag but my experience suggests that it will go away. The thicker section and smooth transition from body to the section with light weight makes this pen a delight to hold and write with. The piston filler mechanism means that the pen can hold a decent amount of ink that will last far more pages than a cartridge. I was happy to see a plastic finned feed rather than an Ebonite feed. It means that the feed will offer good buffer and there won’t be problems of burping and leaking. I used this pen with Click Majestic Crystal which has an ebonite feed. At the end of the day where the Majestic’s cap was smeared with ink, the Pure Crystal’s cap was as clean as glass. Moreover, I didn’t see any cap hole. No drying! That’s good!

2015-01-26 15.30.46 2015-01-26 15.36.25

Overall for a pen that costs less than say 5$ it is a really good value for money. It is in same league with Camlin Elegante and Chelpark Sona and better than many other costlier mass-produced fountain pens. If you want a fine piece of Indian Fountain Penmanship with very little strain on your pocket then gooooooooooo for it!!!

Good day!!


Gama Revolution: Pen for executives

2015-01-08 14.56.06

“Dark am I, yet lovely, daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon.”

Song of Solomon(1:5)

2015-01-08 15.40.30Black like the last night of the “Nightfall” of Issac Asimov and dark like coal tar with a clip flowing like milky way from the infinite darkness of the infinite space, this is an extremely gorgeous  and attractive pen. This pen reminds me of the black coat of a lawyer, which means nothing but business. This classic Cigar shaped design with a continuous flow from barrel to section, the uniformity of the design and the monotone steel coloured nib and the steel clip, speaks of nothing but business. It is a pen with Executive looks.

2015-01-08 15.01.12 2015-01-08 15.01.26

It is a design full of gravity and wisdom. The more I think about it  the more I find that it is a very well thought of design for a hand-made pen. What we find is not mere art, not mere uniformity of and seductiveness of curves. Rather we discover efficiency.

The Revolution is a regular size pen. The cap comes out is exactly 2 and a half turns. The clip is quite tight but due to its unique curved design it gets in a shirt pocket effortlessly but firmly and comes out equally easily.Word Gama is engraved with a cursive italic font at around middle of the barrel. Usually one would not even notice it. When one does, it just adds to the beauty of the pen. Where the cap comes out in just few turns, the section takes a lot many turns to come out. This has been done apparently to avoid any leak when the pen is being used as an eyedropper. The pen is almost as heavy as Pilot MR. However, in case of ebonite, the weight is more uniformly distributed. Therefore the centre of gravity lies at almost middle. Ebonite pens usually feel better than pens of other materials. Same goes with this pen. What I also notices is that the construction is sturdy. The walls of the section and barrel are really thick.The nib is large. Only a tad smaller in size than the section. Moreover, there is no step from section to barrel. The uniformity of the transition and the size of the nib makes it possible to hold the pen from almost any place. The section is thick enough to be held comfortably and not too thick to hold. The pen feels substantial but not humongous.The pen posts firmly and securely. Not using the pen even up to 24 hours I didn’t notice any drying.

2015-01-08 14.59.31 2015-01-08 15.00.39 2015-01-08 14.58.10 2015-01-08 14.56.55 2015-01-08 15.39.11

I chose a fine nib. I like fine nib more than medium or broad nibs. This nib is good. It is a JoWo nib.  It looks classy and is outright beautiful. It does not skip even while writing fast. It does not fail. It doesn’t dry easily. On scale of nightmare;scratchy;correctable;smooth;super smooth; and ooolalalaaaa!!!, I would call it smooth. The nib is smooth and fine. But less smooth than say a Schmidt fine and a Lamy fine or a Pilot medium. What you feel is not feedback. It feels as if the pen has some affinity with paper. However, going by reports of some of my fellow FPN members the report of M nib is excellent. You may preferably go for medium if you want a nib that writes super smooth. However, even if you go for fine I won’t say that you got a bad deal. I have been using this pen for three weeks now and I have had no issues with it. In fact the pen is being used ever since I bought it.

2015-01-08 15.38.40 2015-01-08 14.58.59

While writing you would surely enjoy it. That is the best part. The pen feels like ‘The Pen’. Good balance and good grip. Posted or unposted the pen feels just right and looks seriously beautiful.  Good pen for long duration of writing. The pen offers little flex. My fellow member Anup Ji had to once use pliers on the nib!! Yes! It’s that hard. Thankfully that also means that you can’t damage the nib by normal wear and tear. Which is a good thing.

Being a triple filler, the pen offers a lots of variation in filling. The pen takes standard converter, standard international converter and comes loaded with a Schmidt K-5 converter. The pen can also be used as an Eye Dropper. I have used this pen with all these options and they all work as they should be. At present the pen is being used as an Eyedropper.Because of advanced threaded nib, I never faced problem of burping or leakage in this pen. Which is a very good thing.

For around Rs. 2000/- I got a very attractive ,prim and proper , executive looking pen which is very strong, sturdy and durable. I also got a three in  one filling system and a nice Jowo nib. I got a pen that can be used as an Eye Dropper and will not face burping issues. I got a schmidt converter. I think the deal is really a great value for money.

Here comes the score board.

Looks:- 4.5/5

Build:- 5/5


Nib and Writing:- 3.5/5

Balance:- 5/5

Value for Money:- 4.5/5

Conclusion:- This is a really nice pen. I got this pen with my son’s name engraved. I am very sure that he will use it. The pen has the potential of lasting for a very long time. I am a happy and satisfied user.

2015-01-09 22.33.18

Fountain Pen Review Part III:Doctor Deluxe, a reliable under 3 $ fountain pen.

There are some dresses you would like to wear to a party, others to a friends marriage, but will you wear those dresses in your apartment. I guess not! In your home, you would perhaps seek something comfortable, something that you could wear for a longer time and still feel at ease. It may not perhaps look too savvy but it should be comfortable, easily washable, and quite durable to withstand routine wear and tear.

This pen serves the same function as your jockeys and T-shirts. It doesn’t look awesome. It has its manufacturing and design cons. It’s an eyedropper which may start to burp if you let the ink levels fall too low. But, and its a capital BUT, this pen is so comfortable to write with that you could use it for hours and hours without fatigue. It is, for me, one of those rare fountain pens which can be used for daily writing purposes. Mind it, it is that sort of pen which you would always want to keep inked. A pen, which you would like to keep in your pen stand and use it once you are tired of showing off your Pelikans and Montblancs.  A pen which is so competitively priced that it can be used for experimenting, changing nibs, fiddling with the slit, if you are into that sort of thing, though I think you would never need to do so.


Part 1: The Built & Looks :- This pens boasts of a clear demonstrator acrylic barrel. A silver-colored clip is attached to the cap marble, cap marble can be screwed in the cap and in this way supports the clip. Cap also uses a cap ring at the bottom. Cap is built of plastic. As the photographs show, there are some serious aesthetic issues with the quality and built of the cap and the clip. The color of the cap is not too fancy and the nib which says ‘DOCTOR’ is also not exactly eye catching. But, hey , we don’t expect a lot from an under 3 dollar pen. I got the pen with the smell of the raisin or acrylic. The barrel is clear, so when I put some red or other attractive colored ink in it, it looks nice. But when you see it without ink, you would find that the barrel is not as ‘clear’ as you would expect. However, the pen is strong and sturdy. It won’t crack upon falling. It is built to withstand normal use and accidents. Thus considering it’s price, I am inclined to give it 2.5/5 for its built and looks.

wpid-20141119_102100.jpg wpid-20141119_101951.jpg wpid-20141119_101944.jpg wpid-20141119_102116.jpg

Part 2: The Balance:- The pen is light weight. Its a large pen and for normal male hands and large female hands it should provide good grip width. I have large hands and I personally found balance and the grip amazingly good. I was amazed because I have often paid a lot and found this balance lacking. It is a fairly large size pen and fitted perfectly in my large hands. The pen was a pleasure to write with, whether the cap was posted or unposted. I felt as if I could fill page after page with this pen. Very good weight , balance and ergonomics. For the price I paid, I should give it 5 out of 5 in this respect.

wpid-20141119_102215.jpgwpid-20141119_102743.jpgPart 3: The nib and the feed:-The nib and the feed are the soul of the pen. Imagine a pen where every thing is par excellence but having no nib or feed. The pen uses a Doctor brand gold-plated iridium tipped nib.  The feed material is apparently ebonite. Its a typical non finned, two channelled old style feed. The pen is, as already said, an eyedropper. The well laid channels on the feed ensure plenty of ink supply and the carefully designed nib gives a very smooth fine writing experience. Since, the pen is an eyedropper, its ink capacity is somewhere like 2-3 ml. I am not sure about that, but one thing that I am sure of is that the capacity is at least 4 times a standard international cartridge. When ink reaches 1/3rd mark, the chances of burping increase. Though the design of the nib and the feed is simple, but it is efficient and job oriented. They have been designed to write for long hours. The barrel acts as a large reservoir, the feed ensures consistent supply and the nib smoothly puts the ink on the paper with a style. For its price, I would give the nib and the feed a 4 out of 5.


wpid-20141119_102529.jpg wpid-20141119_102705.jpg

Part 4: The writing:- This pen delivers where it is most important to do so. Where writing is concerned, the pen hits a home run. It writes a fine line. Nib is very smooth and the there is no skipping, rail-roading, difficult starts etc. Rather, I found the writing is pleasurable and non tiring. Nib is stiff but one can definitely see some line variations. The nib is a joy to write with. It kind of made my hand writing look good. Its a note taking pen, one can carry to his college. I felt as it I could write faster with this pen, than with many other fountain pens in my collection. Writing experience was akin to that of a good ball pen minus the pressure. Loved it. Since the balance and the weight are optimal, the pen delivers a superb writing experience. For its price, the writing experience deserve a 9 out of 10. I have allotted 10 marks to the this part because I consider writing experience to be at least twice as important as any other aspect of a fountain pen. That’s what pens are made for, aren’t they?

wpid-20141119_103543.jpg wpid-20141119_103548.jpg wpid-20141119_103619.jpgI got it from ASApens with a combo set. They have another pen on their site with the same name. I am not very sure if its the same pen. Though the nib and the feed of the pen I got and the pen they have on their site looks same. I was informed that the pen I got was even cheaper. However since the nib and the feed are the same, most of what I have said about the writing experience of this pen should hold good for that pen too.

Conclusion. A reliable pen made for daily use. One of those under 3 $ pens you would want in your collection. A smooth and fine writer and comfortable grip and balance. (Score 20.5 / 25).Great value for money. I recommend it..

Fountain Pen Review: Part II: Oliver F27,an adieu to flamboyance par excellence







For me Fountain Pen is a stamp of one’s personality. It speaks of one’s moods, character, choices, style and his inner self. Like eyes, it is a sort of window to one’s intellectual soul. That is why I love using them. It sets me apart in an age of mass production. It is my attempt to keep my individuality intact.

So,when I hear that a pen, especially a good one, will no longer be produced, I feel a personal loss. I feel as if a part of my past will no longer be available for me to access and touch. A minority complex pervades my world and I feel all more alone in a world which no longer understands me.

I am holding this Oliver F 27 and feeling this nostalgia and a kind of gloom. I liked this pen. But they say that the company has stopped producing them. The only place one can get them is on ASApens and they will never get restocked. They are the last of their kind. On the site, this pen is the most reviewed pen. One reviewer Anup ji went to the extent of claiming this pen to be the ‘perfect pen’. Their claim is not without a reason.

It was one of the premium pen produced by the Oliver company. It is made of best acrylic available and contains a Schmidt Medium nib. Nowadays, it is impossible to get a pen holding this nib made of such quality in Rs. 750/- I paid. The nib alone costs 400-450/- Rs(8 $ approx.)



The pen is beauty to behold. It is made of such glittering, flamboyant( but not gaudy) colors that one can fall in love with it.The marbled acrylics reflect and refract light like a crystal. It instantaneously catches the attention of those around. It is not a normal looking formal feeling fountain pen. It exuberates joy and life. The fluorescent green I ordered looks even more pretty and classy than in pictures. The clip, the nib and the rings are all made of steel and they add to looks of this pen. Needless to say that a lot of thought and hard work has gone in its design which makes its demise all the more unfortunate.

wpid-20141117_155950.jpgThe pen is balanced. I found it more pleasurable to write  with the cap unposted. It uses standard international cartridge and converter.


The only thing I didn’t like was the nib. In fact it is a superb nib. It is extremely smooth and never skips or gives any trouble. Problem is that I am not a big fan of Medium nibs. They write on the broader side of medium and the line is too wet. On normal JK paper we use, there are chances that the impression of the words may show on back.

So I talked to Mr. Subramanium of ASApens . He advised me to use a thicker ink and that solved the problem!!! I used Lamy since I did not have Pelikan ink. Now, as the writing sample would show the line variation is visible and the wetness of the line has lessened. wpid-20141117_160935.jpg wpid-20141117_160025.jpg

The service of the sellers was excellent. Complete support before and after purchase. I received this pen within 4 days of order. This is quite fast when we understand that the pen was shipped from Chennai all the way to Faridabad.

Overall, a pen that they should continue to produce. Its lively, impressive and colourful. A balanced and smooth writer.A high quality writing instrument. A prized possession. Flamboyance par excellence.

Fountain Pen Review: Part 1: ASA Athlete, a pen with a character…

ASA Athlete: The pen with a character



My love for Fountain pens goes back to my childhood days. I remember using them from 5th standard. I have collected and gifted many such pens. I have experimented and ruined quite a few of them. I have even made a rule to spend not more than Rs. 2500/- for a fountain pen. The reason behind this seemingly arbitrary number is one horrible experience with a Waterman. I spent a lot of money to buy dissatisfaction.Rs. 2500 may seem a very large amount to many Indians, but not to a pen enthusiast and not to someone who wishes to experience the joy in writing which only a fountain pen can give.

There is usually no best. No best book, no best car and no best movie. Same goes with fountain pens. However, recently I found or discovered a pen which comes very near to being the best for me. This pen was bought from and was named Athlete. I quite enjoyed writing with it. I call it the pen with a character


As you can perhaps see, the pen is made of ebonite i.e.a hard rubber but feels and looks like wood. How many of us can boast of using an writing instrument made of ebonite. Not many, I guess. Believe me when I say it, the feel of ebonite surpasses plastic, acrylic or even metal. You won’t feel the weight. You will not experience the pressure and pain on the tips of your finger while writing for long hours. Your hands will not sweat as much. Moreover, the balance of the pen is very significant when it comes to writing for long durations. This pen has perfect balance. at least for me, posted(putting the cap on the end) or unposted. Despite being of such a large size, I never felt its size or weight even once. Pardon the cliche, but the pen is literally light as a feather.


The wooden ebonite body has been polished to give it a matt black finish. It adds to the aesthetics of this pen. The pen looks classy and visually appealing. It catches the attention of those around you, provided they care about pens. The ‘Athlete’ has got a personality of its own. Its exterior speaks of its being a no nonsense , efficient and durable pen. When you keep it with other pens, it dominates them with its presence.


Athlete is an eyedropper. For a layman, this means that its barrel is filled with ink, unlike say Parker vector or Hero 360. Usually in an eyedropper, the air bubble inside gets warmed up with the heat of the body and expands. This results in burping which means that your page can get ruined and you may end up with a big and sizable blot on your paper. But, thankfully, this is not the case with this pen. I ended up a complete tank and I found no burping. The wooden body apparently acts as an insulator much better than plastic. The ink flow increased when the ink levels dropped but there was no burping. Another problems which eyedropper pens face is leakage. None here though. The cap fits securely and the barrel is securely attached to the nib and feed section. It was a new experience for me. An Eyedropper fountain pen that doesn’t leak.!!!

DSC00382 DSC00378






The best part is nib. These nibs are apparently made in Germany. The engraving says that they are Iridium tipped. You can feel their superior quality. If the best fountain pen you have is a Parker Vector, you would be blown away by the smoothness of the nib. The nib does not have a glossy smooth feel which many a chinese fountain pens have. That is being too smooth to like. There is a little feedback, which I love, because I can feel myself writing and I can feel the nib gliding on the paper. The nib is a dual tone nib. Which means that it has two parts, one golden and another shiny silver colored. The nib is a size #6. For a lay man this can be translated as fairly large nib. Not the largest, but quite large. Having a large nib means that if you have large hands like mine and many of other adult men, you wont be forced to write too close to paper and while writing you can maintain a comfortable hand stance.

Writing samples of the pen and the comparison with Pilot ‘Tank’, Pilot MR and Lamy are included. The ink used is commonly available Chelpark and the paper is a JK A4 size paper.

DSC00387 DSC00388 DSC00389

The service delivery is excellent. When I bought the pen I used the option of getting the fountain pen checked which is not available on any other site. The sellers are professionals. One can any time mail them or call them in respect of any queries  related to fountain pens. I called them and they didn’t disappoint me.

Now, let me answer the most difficult question about this pen. What I didn’t like about it? Well, I liked everything. But I should add a caveat that this is an eyedropper pen which needs a little maintenance just like a samurai sword does 🙂 . And the cap if left posted may leave a round mark on the matt finish. However, the pen is available in many colors on ASApens. Lastly if you feel the ink flow increasing it would be wiser to refill the barrel pen instead of waiting for the ink to be over.

Overall, I recommend this pen. It’s a great value for money and a daily writer. One can use it daily without impunity. One can show it off or keep it entirely to himself. It is a work horse, a no nonsense pen and most importantly a pen with a character.